Hi Paul, I have been to Salsa Squad three times now, twice at The Study and last night at Butlers. It is so fantastic and cant wait to learn more steps!

Liz B

Hi Paul, Just a quick note to I wish you and your team a Happy Christmas and to thank you for running a great Salsa class. You once asked for feedback, well I think you've got it just abou...


Hi Paul, What a pleasure it was to meet you. You know I had some doubts I have to say but I am pleased to say that they were completely and utterly unfounded. What a "Salsa" experience, t...

Don and Claire Yates

Hi Paul, Apologies for not having been to Salsa for an eternity but I thought you might like to know Diego and my news. We are getting married on Monday in Clearwell Castle- since we met at...


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August '09 E-Newsletter

Practice the routine immediately after the class rather than going back to your trusty favourites. Practice it 4 times with different partners. Carry a notebook in your back pocket and write it down. If you do this use CBL, RT, LT RHH etc rather than Cross Body Lead, Right Turn, Left Turn, Right hand hold etc. Some people feel a bit geeky doing this but I can promise you all the best dancers have done it at some time. Video record it on your phone, this is the best way a...Read the full article here August '09 E-Newsletter

posted by paul on 27th January

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